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The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry was formed in 1975 by Dr. Ronald Goldstein and Dr. Charles Pincus, and has members from throughout the United States and 12 other countries. Headquartered in Chicago, the group is governed by an Executive Council.

Academy members are truly the elite professionals of this field and are internationally known for their work. Membership is offered by invitation only, and the Bylaws restrict the growth of the Academy's membership in order to maintain the highest levels of excellence.

The Academy traditionally holds an annual educational session. Scheduled for the first complete week in August, this meeting is typically open only to members and their invited guests; in an effort to enhance fellowship and professional growth, guest registration has been held to an approximate ratio of two guests for every one member in attendance. Spouses and children of the attendees are also invited to participate in the social activities.

Activités de l'organisation
  • <p></p><p><b>Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016<br></b></p><p><b>Scientific Program</b></p><p></p><ul><li>7:00am - 7:45am Breakfast &amp; Networking<br></li><li>7:45am - 8:00am Welcoming Remarks Dennis Tarnow, DDS 2015-2016 President<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Point-Counterpoint Session #1 - Etiology and Treatment of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions</b></p><p></p><ul><li>8:00am - 8:20am Point - John Dzakovich, DDS<br></li><li>8:20am - 8:40am Counterpoint - Harald Heymann, DDS, Med<br></li><li>8:40am - 8:50am Summation - Peter Nordland, DMD, MS<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Point -Counterpoint Session #2 - The Relationship between Platform Switching and Initial Marginal Bone Stability</b></p><p></p><ul><li>8:50am - 9:10am Point – Luigi Canullo, DDS, PhD<br></li><li>9:10am - 9:30am Counterpoint – Tomas Linkevicius, DDS, Dip Pros, PhD<br></li><li>9:30am - 9:40am Summation – Henry Salama, DMD<br></li><li>9:40am - 10:10am Pink Esthetics: The Science and Art Irena Sailer, Dr. Med. Dent.<br></li><li>10:10am - 10:40am Networking Coffee Break<br></li><li>10:40am - 11:10am A Dynamic Navigation System for Surgical Placement of Implants Mike Block, DMD<br></li><li>11:10am - 11:40am LipStaT: Hypermobile Maxillary Lip Stabilization Technique Monish Bhola, DDS, MSD<br></li><li>11:40am - 12:10pm Endodontic Therapies: Contemporary &amp; Future Strategies L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS<br></li><li>12:10pm - 1:00pm Face Transplantation: Rationale, Treatment, and Logistics Larry Brecht, DDS<br></li><li>1:00pm - 1:20pm Restorative Update Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD<br></li><li>1:20pm - 1:30pm Closing Remarks Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT<br></li><li>7:00pm - 10:00pm President's Opening Reception </li></ul><b>Thursday, August 4th, 2016</b> <b><br></b><ul><li>7:00am - 7:45am Breakfast &amp; Networking<br></li><li>7:45-8:00am Opening Remarks Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT <br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Point-Counterpoint Session #3 - Restorative Contour and Submergence Profile Concepts: Flat or Full?</b></p><p></p><ul><li>8:00am - 8:20am Point – Dr. Xavier Vela-Nebot<br></li><li>8:20am - 8:40am Counterpoint – Ernesto Lee, DMD<br></li><li>8:40am - 8:50am Summation – Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Point -Counterpoint Session #4 - Treatment of the Posterior Mandible: Short Implants or Vertical Tissue Augmentation?</b></p><p></p><ul><li>8:50am - 9:10am Point – Craig Misch, DDS<br></li><li>9:10am - 9:30am Counterpoint – Marco Ronda, DDS<br></li><li>9:30am - 9:40am Summation – Bill Becker, DDS, MSD<br></li><li>9:40am - 10:20am The Role of Connective Tissue and/or Dermis Grafting for Teeth and Implants Sonia Leziy, DDS, Dipl Perio &amp; Kirk Pasquinelli, DDS<br></li><li>10:20am - 10:50am Networking Coffee Break<br></li><li>10:50am - 11:20am Novel Treatment Solutions for Consecutive Implants in the Esthetic Zone Joseph Kan, DDS, MS<br></li><li>11:20am - 11:40am The Role of the Dentition in Overall Patient Health Dr. Hideo Kawahara<br></li><li>11:40am - 12:15pm Innovations and Techniques in Contemporary Orthodontics Vince Kokich, Jr., DMD, MSD<br></li><li>12:15pm - 1:00pm The Periodontal-Restorative Perspective on Implant Placement &amp; Restoration Dean Kois, DMD, MSD &amp; John Kois, DMD, MSD<br></li><li>1:00pm - 1:15pm Closing Remarks Stuart Isler, DMD<br></li><li>1:15pm - 3:00pm AAED Annual Member's Business Meeting &amp; Luncheon Open Afternoon and Evening<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Friday, August 5th, 2016</b></p><p></p><ul><li>7:00am - 7:45am Breakfast &amp; Networking<br></li><li>7:45-8:00am Opening Remarks Stuart Isler, DMD<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Point-Counterpoint Session #5 - Vertical Placement of Dental Implants: How Deep is Deep Enough?</b></p><p></p><ul><li>8:00am - 8:20am Point – Ron Nevins, DDS<br></li><li>8:20am - 8:40am Counterpoint – David Garber, DMD, BDS<br></li><li>8:40am - 8:50am Summation – John Kois, DMD, MSD<br></li><li>8:50am - 9:25am All-Ceramic Vs. Metal-Ceramic Restorations for Fixed Prosthodontics Stefano Gracis, DMD, MSD<br></li><li>9:25am - 9:45am Enhancing the Strength and Esthetics of Zirconia to Achieve Restorative Success Sabiha Bunek, DDS<br></li><li>9:45am - 10:20am CAD/CAM Vs. Traditional Ceramic Techniques in Restoration Fabrication Michael Bergler, CDT, MDT<br></li><li>10:20am - 10:50am Networking Coffee Break<br></li><li>10:50am - 11:30am Expanding Horizons in Adhesive Dentistry Sillas Duarte, DDS, MS, PhD<br></li><li>11:30am - 12:10pm Risk Indicators and Prevention of Mucosal Recessions Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD<br></li><li>12:10pm - 12:50pm Connecting Teeth to Implants Frank Spear, DDS, MSD<br></li><li>12:50pm - 1:05pm Closing Remarks Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT &amp; Dennis Tarnow, DDS<br></li><li>6:30pm - 10:30pm Reception &amp; Closing Gala<br></li><li>(All White Attire Requested)<br></li></ul><p></p><p></p>
    • Dana Point, États-Unis
    • 1 Monarch Beach Resort North


    The 41st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Esthet...

    Dana Point, États-Unis
    AAED-American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

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