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Focus on Digital Dentistry!

Digital Dentistry Society
Du 03 au 05 Octobre 2019

In the belle epoque Baden Baden, in the classic “once upon a time“ atmosphere of Gogol & Turgeniev, take a ride into the future dentistry with the DIGITAL DENTISTRY SOCIETY GLOBAL CONFERENCE.

In this dental new age where technologies are invading all doors of our profession, we learn to take an exciting trip on the wings of virtual and augmented reality, printing & milling technologies, static and dynamic navigation, robotics and many more.

DDS is reaching out to all these, placing them on a scientific platform for validation and integrating them in a fluent predictable workflow.

In 3 days of DDS Global Conference you will be able to view the most futuristic dental technologies , the scientific validation of the present ones and applications in clinics. We hope to have You with us, to offer You a unique and exciting professional, artistic and human experience.

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Toute la programmation

Jeudi 03 Octobre 2019

DDS Partners Day

Lectures, Workshops, live surgeries, Poster competition

Vendredi 04 Octobre 2019

Following the Digital Path: SCAN / PLAN / MAKE / DONE

Enjoy scientific, clinical and new technology highlights

Samedi 05 Octobre 2019

Treatment planning session on digital path

Liste des tarifs

Prix TTC
Entrée membre 1 jour200,00 €
Entrée non membre 1 jour250,00 €
Entrée membre 3 jours550,00 €
Entrée non membre 3 jours699,00 €
Dîner de Gala150,00 €

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  • Digital Dentistry Society office


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Lieu de l'événement
  • Kurhaus Baden-Baden
  • 1 Kaiserallee
    76530 Baden-Baden
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Langue : Anglais
  • Kurhaus Baden-Baden
  • 1 Kaiserallee
    76530 Baden-Baden